II. Indications

  1. Infants (rear facing until age 2 years and 20 pounds)
  2. Children (forward facing)
    1. Used up to 40 pounds and 4 years old
    2. Childs ear level should be below top of seat

III. Types: Convertible Car Seats

  1. Five Point Harness (preferred for safety)
    1. Five straps: 2 Shoulder, 2 leg, 1 crotch
    2. Best protection against Head Injury for all children
    3. Best fit of convertible Car Seats for small infants
  2. T-Shield
    1. Plastic T-shaped yoke buckles into seat at crotch
      1. Connected to pair of harness straps
    2. Good protection against Head Injury
    3. Small infant's head may not clear the shield
  3. Overhead Shield
    1. Padded tray like shield swings down over child's head
    2. Not as protective against Head Injury
    3. Small infants head may not clear shield
    4. Shield may block view of buckle

IV. Recommended Convertible Seat (Consumer Reports)

  1. Century 1000 STE Classic ($53) (5 Point harness)

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