II. Indications

III. Technique: Epilation (Hair plucking)

  1. Removes Hair Shaft and Hair Bulb for 6-8 weeks
  2. Only effective for hairs in Anagen phase
  3. Adverse effects
    1. Risk of damage to hair matrix
    2. Limited to localized areas of Hair Growth
    3. Risk of inflammation
      1. Folliculitis or Pseudofolliculitis Barbae
      2. Risk of Hyperpigmentation or scarring
  4. Methods
    1. Hot waxing with resin (risk of Burn Injury)
    2. Hair plucking with tweezers
    3. Depilation (chemical dissolving of Hair Shaft)
      1. Effects last only 2 weeks (does not affect bulb)
      2. Contains thioglycolates, mercaptans, and alkali
      3. Risk of Contact Dermatitis and sulfur odor

IV. Technique: Laser Hair Removal

V. Technique: Shaving (less popular among women)

  1. Safe and effective
  2. Does not affect hair thickness or growth rate
  3. May leave appearance of hair thickening
  4. May cause irritation or Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

VI. Technique: Electrolysis

  1. Effect varies by operator experience
  2. Permanent hair removal (destroys Hair Follicle)
  3. Technique
    1. Small needle inserted into skin at Hair Follicle
    2. Current applied for 0.02 to 20 seconds per hair
  4. Methods
    1. Galvanic (DC): Multiple treatments required (slow)
    2. Thermolysis (Alternating Current)
  5. Adverse effects
    1. Pain with procedure
    2. Risk of Keloid, scarring or pigmentation changes

VII. Technique: Topical agents: Eflornithine Cream (Vaniqa)

  1. Apply bid to involved face
  2. Not first-line (often used to augment other methods)
    1. Works well in combination with laser
  3. Effective within 4-8 weeks of regular use
  4. Hair Growth normalizes 8 weeks after discontinuation
  5. Risk of Acne Vulgaris and local irritation

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Ontology: General hair removal - epilation (C0018504)

Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D006204
SnomedCT 60122003, 225123007, 266777006, 150579001, 1449002, 287608005
English Depilation, Depilations, Epilation, Epilations, Hair Removal, Hair Removals, Removal, Hair, Removals, Hair, DEPILATION, Removing hair, Gen hair removal - epilation, General hair removal - epilation, removing hair, depilation, epilation, hair removal, Removal of hair (procedure), Epilation of skin (procedure), Hair removal (& [epilation] or [general], Hair removal (& [epilation] or [general] (procedure), Epilation -hair removal, General hair removal-epilation, Hair--Removal, Depilation of skin, Epilation (procedure), Epilation of skin, General hair removal - epilation (procedure), Epilation, NOS, Epilation of skin, NOS, Depilation of skin, NOS, Removal of hair, Depilating hair, Hair removal
Portuguese DEPILACAO, Tricotomia, Tonsura, Depilação, Epilação, Remoção de Cabelo
Spanish DEPILACION, Epilación, remoción de pelo, depilación de la piel (concepto no activo), remoción de pelo (procedimiento), depilación de la piel, Tricotomía, Remoción del Pelo, depilación (procedimiento), depilación, remoción general de pelo - depilación (procedimiento), remoción general de pelo - depilación, Depilación, Rasuración, Remoción del Cabello
Japanese 脱毛術, ダツモウジュツ, 抜毛, 電解抜毛, 除毛, 脱毛法
Swedish Hårborttagning
Czech depilace, Depilace, Epilace
Finnish Karvojen poisto
French CHUTE DES POILS, Epilation, Dépilation, Épilation
German ENTHAARUNG, Enthaarung, Depilation, Epilation, Haarentfernung
Italian Epilazione, Depilazione
Polish Depilacja, Usuwanie owłosienia, Usuwanie włosów
Hungarian Depilatio, Epilatio
Dutch epilatie, ontharing, Epilatie, Ontharing
Norwegian Epilasjon, Depilasjon, Hårfjerning, Depilering

Ontology: Hirsutism (C0019572)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by the presence of excess hair growth in women in anatomic sites where growth is considered to be a secondary male characteristic and under androgen control (beard, moustache, chest, abdomen).
Definition (NCI) Male-pattern hair growth on a female.(NICHD)
Definition (MSH) A condition observed in WOMEN and CHILDREN when there is excess coarse body hair of an adult male distribution pattern, such as facial and chest areas. It is the result of elevated ANDROGENS from the OVARIES, the ADRENAL GLANDS, or exogenous sources. The concept does not include HYPERTRICHOSIS, which is an androgen-independent excessive hair growth.
Definition (CSP) excess hair in females and children with an adult male pattern of distribution.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D006628
ICD9 704.1
ICD10 L68.0
SnomedCT 40090008, 399939002
English Hirsutism, HIRSUTISM, Excessive growth of hair, Excessive hair growth, Hairiness, hirsutism, excessive facial or body hair (symptom), hirsutism (diagnosis), excessive facial or body hair (hirsutism), excessive facial or body hair, Hirsutism [Disease/Finding], hypertrichosis, polytrichia, excessive hairiness, excessive growth hair, hairiness, excessive growth of hair, excessive hair growth, pilosis, hirsuitism, hirsute, Hirsuitism, Hirsutism (disorder), Hirsuties, Pilosis, Hirsutes, Hirsutism, NOS
French HIRSUTISME, Pilosité, Hirsutisme
Portuguese HIRSUTISMO, Pilosidade, Hirsutismo
Spanish HIRSUTISMO, Vellosidad, crecimiento excesivo del pelo (trastorno), crecimiento excesivo del pelo, pilosis, hirsutismo (trastorno), hirsutismo, Hirsutismo
German HIRSUTISMUS, Hirsuitismus, Behaartheit, Hirsutismus
Dutch behaardheid, hirsutisme, Hirsutisme
Italian Villosità, Pelosità anormale, Irsutismo
Japanese 男性型多毛症, ダンセイガタタモウショウ
Swedish Hårighet, patologisk
Czech hirzutismus, Hirsutismus, Zvýšené ochlupení, nadměrné ochlupení, hirsutizmus
Finnish Hirsutismi
Korean 털과다증
Polish Hirsutyzm
Hungarian Szőrösség, Hirsutismus, túlzott szőrnövekedés
Norwegian Unormal hårvekst, Hirsutisme, Hårvekst, unormal

Ontology: Hypertrichosis (C0020555)

Definition (NCI) Excessive hair growth anywhere on the body.
Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by hair density or length beyond the accepted limits of normal in a particular body region, for a particular age or race.
Definition (MSH) Excessive hair growth at inappropriate locations, such as on the extremities, the head, and the back. It is caused by genetic or acquired factors, and is an androgen-independent process. This concept does not include HIRSUTISM which is an androgen-dependent excess hair growth in WOMEN and CHILDREN.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D006983
ICD10 L68 , L68.3, L68.9
SnomedCT 156409007, 201164001, 40090008, 201165000, 29966009, 271607001
English Hypertrichoses, Hypertrichosis, HYPERTRICHOSIS, Hypertrichosis, unspecified, hypertrichosis (diagnosis), hypertrichosis, excess hair, Hypertrichosis [Disease/Finding], excessive hairiness, polytrichia (diagnosis), hypertrichosis polytrichia, polytrichia, Hypertrichosis NOS (disorder), Pilosis, Excessive hair growth (disorder), Polytrichia, Excessive hair growth, Hirsutism - hypertrichosis, Excessive hairiness, Excessive hair growth (finding), Hypertrichiasis, Hypertrichosis (disorder), Polytrichosis, Excessive growth of hair, Hairiness, excessive; hair growth, Hypertrichiasis, NOS, Hypertrichosis, NOS, Polytrichia, NOS, Polytrichosis, NOS, Hypertrichosis NOS
French HYPERTRICHOSE, Hypertrichoses, Hypertrichose
Portuguese HIPERTRICOSE, Hipertricoses, Hipertricose
Spanish HIPERTRICOSIS, hipertricosis, SAI (trastorno), hipertricosis, SAI, crecimiento excesivo de cabello (hallazgo), crecimiento excesivo de cabello, hipertricosis (trastorno), hipertricosis, hipertriquiasis, politricosis, politriquia, Trastornos hipertricósicos, Hipertricosis
German HYPERTRICHOSE, Hypertrichose, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Polytrichie, Hypertrichosen, Hypertrichose
Italian Politricosi, Ipertricosi
Japanese 多毛症, タモウショウ
Swedish Hypertrikos
Czech hypertrichóza, Hypertrichóza, Hypertrichózy
Finnish Hypertrikoosi
Korean 상세불명의 털과다증, 털과다증
Polish Owłosienie nadmierne
Hungarian Hypertrichosisok, Hypertrichosis
Norwegian Hypertrikose
Dutch overmatig; haargroei, Hypertrichose, niet gespecificeerd, Polytrichose, hypertrichose, overvloedige haargroei, Hypertrichose, Trichose, hyper-

Ontology: Removal of hair NEC (C0554654)

Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
SnomedCT 265654006, 177301003
English Removal of hair NEC, Removal of hair NEC (procedure)
Spanish remoción de pelo, no clasificada en otra parte, remoción de pelo, no clasificada en otra parte (procedimiento)