II. Types: Glomerulus

  1. Red Blood Cell Casts (erythrocyte casts)
    1. Glomerulonephritis (dysmorphic RBCs)
    2. May be normal in Collision Sport athletes
  2. Fatty Casts (fat laden renal tubule cells)
    1. Nephrotic Syndrome
    2. Hypothyroidism

III. Types: Interstitium or Renal Tubules

  1. Epithelial cell casts
    1. Acute Tubular Necrosis
    2. Interstitial Nephritis
    3. Nephritic Syndrome
    4. Eclampsia
    5. Heavy Metal Poisoning
    6. Rejected Renal Transplant
  2. Granular Casts (renal tubule)
    1. Protein casts
    2. Cellular Cast breakdown (suggests severe renal disease)
      1. Acute Tubular Necrosis
      2. Acute Interstitial Nephritis
      3. Thrombotic Microangiopathy
  3. Waxy casts
    1. Severe, advanced renal disease
  4. White Blood Cell Casts (including Eosinophil casts)
    1. Pyelonephritis
    2. Glomerulonephritis
    3. Interstitial Nephritis (esoinophil casts)

IV. Types: Extrinsic Conditions

  1. Hyaline or mucoprotein casts
    1. Normal finding
    2. Pyelonephritis
    3. Chronic renal disease
    4. Prerenal Failure or Postrenal Failure

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Ontology: Red Blood Cell Casts in Urine (C0151428)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
English casts rbc urine, red blood cell casts in urine, Red Blood Cell Casts in Urine

Ontology: WBC Casts in Urine (C0151429)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
English WBC Casts in Urine

Ontology: Granular Casts in Urine (C0151430)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
English Granular Casts in Urine

Ontology: Urine microscopy: hyaline casts (finding) (C0427894)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
SnomedCT 144575006, 102839000, 167338002
LNC LP16857-2, MTHU012158
Dutch urinesediment hyaline
French Cylindres urinaires hyalins
German hyaline Harnzylinder
English Urine microscopy:hyaline casts, Casts urinary hyaline, Urine microscopy: hyaline casts (finding), Urinary cast, hyaline (finding), Urinary cast, hyaline, Urine microscopy:hyaline casts (finding), Hyaline casts, Hyaline Urinary Cast, Urine microscopy: hyaline casts
Italian Cilindri urinari ialini
Portuguese Cilindros urinários hialinos
Spanish Cilindros hialinos en orina, cilindro urinario, hialino, cilindro urinario, hialino (hallazgo), microscopia urinaria: cilindros hialinos (hallazgo), microscopia urinaria: cilindros hialinos
Japanese 尿硝子性円柱, ニョウショウシセイエンチュウ
Czech Hyalinní močové válce
Hungarian Hialin cilinderek a vizeletben

Ontology: Cellular casts (C0427895)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 250445004
English Cellular casts, cellular cast, cellular casts, Cellular casts (finding)
Spanish cilindros celulares (hallazgo), cilindros celulares

Ontology: Fatty casts (C3714563)

Concepts Body Substance (T031)
LNC LP16853-1, MTHU012155, LA12865-4
English Fatty casts