II. Indications

  1. Third-line treatment for Erectile Dysfunction when refractory to other measures

III. Preparations: Prosthesis types

  1. Semi-Rigid (persistently erect)
  2. Self-contained inflatable
  3. Three Piece inflatable
    1. Corpora cavernosa each replaced with an inflatable tube
    2. Intraabominal reservoir
    3. Pump contained within Scrotum

IV. Adverse Effects

  1. Infection (requires immediate removal)
  2. Malfunction
  3. Perforation
  4. Scarring

V. Procedure

  1. Intraoperative time: 30 minutes to 2 hours
  2. Hospitalized overnight
  3. Urologic Follow-up
    1. Postoperative: 7-10 days
    2. Postoperative: 6 weeks
    3. Yearly evaluation
  4. No sexual activity for 6 weeks after procedure
  5. Does not interfere with normal penile function
    1. Urination
    2. Ejaculation
    3. Orgasm

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Ontology: Penile Prosthesis (C0030850)

Definition (UMD) Prostheses designed for implantation in the penis to provide penile tumescence and permit sexual contact. These prostheses may consist of inflatable tubes that are implanted in the penis and a liquid (e.g., saline with or without radiographic opacifiers) with appropriate abdominal implantable hydraulic components (e.g., conducts, pumps, reservoirs) to provide rigidity by applying pressure to the liquid or rigid or semirigid plastic bars that are implanted in the penis. Penile prostheses are intended for patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A firm rod or inflatable device that is placed in the penis (an external male reproductive organ) during a surgical procedure. The implant makes it possible to have and keep an erection. Penile implants are used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Definition (SPN) A penile rigidity implant is a device that consists of a single semi-rigid rod or a pair of semi-rigid rods implanted in the penis to provide rigidity. It is used in the treatment of erectile impotence.
Definition (MSH) Rigid, semi-rigid, or inflatable cylindric hydraulic devices, with either combined or separate reservoir and pumping systems, implanted for the surgical treatment of organic ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.
Concepts Medical Device (T074)
MSH D015917
SnomedCT 53996008, 176541003
English Artificial Penis, Penile Prosthesis, Penis Prostheses, Penis Prosthesis, Penis, Artificial, Prostheses, Penis, Prosthesis, Penile, Prosthesis, Penis, Implant, Penile, Implants, Penile, PROSTHESIS, PENILE, Penile Implant, Penile Implants, Prostheses, Penile, Penile prosthesis, device, Penile Prostheses, penile implants, penile prosthesis, prosthesis penis, penis prosthesis, implant penile, artificial penis, penile prostheses, prosthesis penile, Prosthesis of penis, Penile prostheses, penile implant, Penile implant, Penile prosthesis, Penile prosthesis, device (physical object)
Dutch penisimplantatie, Kunstpenis, Penisprothese, Prothese, penis-
German Penisimplantat, Penisprothese, Penis, artifizieller, Künstlicher Penis
Portuguese Implante do pénis, Pênis Artificial, Prótese de Pênis
Spanish Implante peneano, prótesis de pene (objeto físico), prótesis de pene, prótesis peniana, Pene Artificial, Prótesis de Pene
Japanese 陰茎インプラント, インケイインプラント, 陰茎プロテーゼ, 陰茎-人工, 人工ペニス, 勃起補助具, ペニス-人工, ペニスプロステーシス, 人工陰茎, 勃起補助用具, 陰茎プロステーシス
Swedish Penisprotes
Czech penis - protézy, Penilní implantát
Finnish Penisproteesi
Italian Pene artificiale, Protesi del pene
French Prothèse pénienne, Implant pénien, Pénis artificiel, Prothèse de pénis
Polish Sztuczny penis, Proteza prącia
Hungarian Penis implantatum
Norwegian Penisprotese, Kunstig penis