II. Epidemiology

  1. Prevalence: 2-3 per 100,000 (rare)
  2. Incidence: Peaks over age 70 years

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Squamous Cell Carcinoma accounts for 95% of Penile Cancers

IV. Risk Factors

  1. Foreskin (Penile Cancer is almost exclusive to uncircumcised men)
  2. Human Papillomavirus Infection (HPV)
  3. Penile Lichen Sclerosus
  4. Tobacco Abuse
  5. Poor foreskin hygiene
  6. Phimosis

V. Signs

  1. Delay in presentation is common (average delay >6 months from onset)
  2. Early presentation
    1. Painless lump or penile ulcer
  3. Later presentation
    1. Thickened skin and wart-like Penile Growth
    2. Foul discharge may be present
    3. Large exophytic irregular masses may develop

VI. Differential Diagnosis

  1. Giant condyloma

VII. Labs: Biopsy

  1. Biopsy all suspicious lesions

VIII. Management

  1. Early stage Penile Cancer may be treated in similar fashion to Penile Cancer in Situ
  2. Higher stage Penile Cancer (T2 to T4) requires penile amputation for cure

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Ontology: Malignant neoplasm of penis (C0153601)

Definition (NCI) A primary or metastatic malignant neoplasm that affects the penis. Representative examples include penile carcinoma and penile sarcoma.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D010412
ICD9 187.4
ICD10 C60 , C60.9
SnomedCT 93954003, 269605006, 188231002, 154536009, 363516004
English Malignant neoplasm of penis, Malig neop penis part unspecif, Malignant neoplasm of penis, unspecified, Penis, unspecified, malignant neoplasm of penis (diagnosis), malignant neoplasm of penis, malignant penile neoplasm, Cancer, Penile, Cancers, Penile, Penile Cancer, Penile Cancers, Cancer of the Penis, Cancers, Penis, Penis Cancer, Penis Cancers, malignant tumor of penis, penile cancer, Malig neo penis NOS, cancer of the penis, of penis cancer, cancer penis, cancer penile, cancer of penis, penile cancers, Cancer, Penis, Penile neoplasms malignant, Malignant neoplasm of penis, part unspecified, Penile cancer, Penile malignant neoplasm NOS, Penile malignant neoplasm, Ca penis (disorder), Malignant neoplasm of penis, part unspecified (disorder), Penis--Cancer, Cancer of penis, Malignant tumor of penis, Malignant tumour of penis, CA - Cancer of penis, Ca penis, Penile Ca, Malignant tumor of penis (disorder), penis cancer, Malignant neoplasm of penis, NOS, Malignant Neoplasm of Penis, Malignant Neoplasm of the Penis, Malignant Penile Neoplasm, Malignant Penile Tumor, Malignant Tumor of Penis, Malignant Tumor of the Penis, Cancer of Penis
Italian Tumori maligni del pene, Cancro del pene, Tumore maligno del pene, parte non specificata, Tumore maligno del pene NAS, Tumore maligno del pene
Japanese 悪性陰茎新生物, アクセイインケイシンセイブツ, 陰茎の悪性新生物NOS, 陰茎癌, インケイガン, インケイノアクセイシンセイブツブイフメイ, インケイノアクセイシンセイブツNOS, 陰茎の悪性新生物, 陰茎の悪性新生物、部位不明, インケイノアクセイシンセイブツ
Portuguese Câncer do Pênis, Neoplasia maligna do pénis, parte NE, Neoplasia maligna do pénis, Cancro do pénis, Neoplasia maligna do pénis NE, Neoplasias malignas do pénis, Câncer Peniano
Spanish Cáncer de Pene, Cáncer Peniano, Neoplasia maligna del pene, Neoplasia maligna del pene NEOM, Neoplasia maligna del pene, parte no especificada, Cáncer de pene, neoplasia maligna del pene (trastorno), neoplasia maligna del pene, neoplasia maligna de pene, parte no especificada (trastorno), neoplasia maligna de pene, parte no especificada, neoplasia peniana maligna, tumor maligno del pene (trastorno), tumor maligno del pene, Neoplasias malignas de pene
French Cancer du pénis, Tumeur maligne du pénis, partie non précisée, Tumeur maligne du pénis SAI, Tumeur maligne du pénis, Tumeurs malignes péniennes, Cancer pénien
German Krebs des Penis, Boesartige Neubildung des Penis, Boesartige Neubildung: Penis, nicht naeher bezeichnet, boesartige Neubildung des Penis, boesartige Neubildung des Penis, Teil unspezifisch, boesartige Neubildung des Penis NNB, Neubildungen des Penis boesartig, Peniskrebs
Czech Novotvary penisu maligní, rakovina penisu, Novotvar penisu maligní, Maligní nádor penisu, Maligní novotvar penisu, část blíže neurčená, Maligní novotvar penisu NOS
Korean 상세불명 음경의 악성신생물, 음경의 악성신생물
Hungarian Penis neoplasmák, rosszindulatú, Penis malignus neoplasiák k.m.n., Penis nem meghatározott részének malignus daganata, Penisrák, Penis malignus neoplasiák
Norwegian Ondartet svulst i penis, Cancer penis, Peniskreft, Peniscancer
Dutch penisneoplasma maligne, peniskanker, maligne neoplasma van de penis, deel niet-gespecificeerd, penisneoplasma maligne NAO, Maligne neoplasma van penis, niet gespecificeerd, penisneoplasmata maligne, Maligne neoplasma van penis, Peniskanker, Tumor van de penis

Ontology: Squamous cell carcinoma of penis (C0238348)

Definition (NCI) A squamous cell carcinoma arising from the penis. It occurs chiefly in the squamous epithelium of the glans, coronal sulcus, and foreskin. Etiologic factors include phimosis, lichen sclerosus, smoking, ultraviolet irradiation, history of warts or condylomas, and lack of circumcision. Human papilloma virus is present in a subset of penile squamous cell carcinomas. Patients may present with an exophytic or flat ulcerative mass in the glans or a large primary tumor with inguinal nodal and skin metastases. Morphologic variants include the basaloid carcinoma, warty (condylomatous) carcinoma, verrucous carcinoma, and sarcomatoid (spindle cell) carcinoma. (WHO, 2004)
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
SnomedCT 403468003
English squamous cell carcinoma of penis (diagnosis), squamous cell carcinoma of penis, carcinoma cell of penis squamous, carcinoma cell penis squamous, squamous cell carcinoma penile, Penile squamous carcinoma (epidermoid), Penile squamous car.(epidermoid), Penile squamous cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma of penis (disorder), Squamous cell carcinoma of penis, penile squamous cell carcinoma, epidermoid carcinoma of the penis, epidermoid carcinoma, penile, penile cancer, epidermoid carcinoma, penile cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, penile epidermoid carcinoma, penis cancer, epidermoid carcinoma, penis cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma of the penis, squamous cell carcinoma, penile, Epidermoid Carcinoma of Penis, Epidermoid Carcinoma of the Penis, Epidermoid Cell Carcinoma of Penis, Epidermoid Cell Carcinoma of the Penis, Penile Epidermoid Carcinoma, Penile Epidermoid Cell Carcinoma, Penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Penis, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Penis
Czech Dlaždicobuněčný karcinom penisu
Dutch peniel squameuscelcarcinoom
French Carcinome pénien épidermoïde
German Plattenepithelkarzinom Penis
Hungarian Penis squamosus-sejtes carcinomája
Italian Carcinoma a cellule squamose del pene
Japanese インケイヘンペイジョウヒガン, 陰茎扁平上皮癌
Portuguese Carcinoma pavimentocelular do pénis
Spanish Carcinoma escamoso del pene, carcinoma de células escamosas de pene (trastorno), carcinoma de células escamosas de pene, carcinoma epidermoide de pene