II. Criteria: Grading Scale (regarding questions below)

  1. Score 0: Not at all
  2. Score 1: Less than 1 in 5 times (<20%)
  3. Score 2: Less than half the time (<50%)
  4. Score 3: About half the time (50%)
  5. Score 4: More than half the time (>50%)
  6. Score 5: Almost always (>80%)

III. History: Questions pertaining to the last month of symptoms (Scored based on criteria above)

  1. Incomplete voiding or emptying Sensation
  2. Frequency (urination within 2 hours of prior void)
  3. Intermittency (stream stops and starts while voiding)
  4. Urgency (difficulty postponing urination)
  5. Weak urinary stream
  6. Straining to begin urination
  7. Nocturia (How many times per night of waking to void?)
    1. Scoring for this question: 0 to 5 times per night

IV. Interpretation: Add total score for 7 questions above

  1. Total score <7: Mild BPH Symptoms
  2. Total score 8 to 19: Moderate BPH Symptoms
    1. Indicates medication therapy is appropriate
  3. Total score >20: Severe BPH Symptoms
    1. Indicates surgical management is appropriate

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Ontology: International prostate symptom score (C1998280)

Definition (NCI) A screening tool used to screen for, diagnose, track, and manage the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Concepts Intellectual Product (T170)
SnomedCT 428433009
English International prostate symptom score, International prostate symptom score (assessment scale), I-PSS, International Prostate Symptom Score
Spanish escala internacional de síntomas prostáticos, escala internacional de síntomas prostáticos (escala de evaluación)