II. Definitions

  1. Ligament Sprain
    1. Sprain refers to injury to ligament or joint capsule

III. Grading

  1. Grade 1 Sprain: Few torn ligamentous fibers
    1. Mild Joint Pain reproduced on local palpation
    2. Firm endpoint with minimal laxity
    3. No joint instability
  2. Grade 2 Sprain: Increased joint instability
    1. Joint Swelling and pain
    2. Firm endpoint with some Joint Laxity
    3. Decreased function
  3. Grade 3 Sprain: Complete ligamentous tear
    1. Minimal or no endpoint, gross Joint Laxity
    2. Unstable joint

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Ontology: Sprain of ligament (C0435002)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
SnomedCT 125624001, 263127006, 209824004, 398878007
English Ligament sprain NOS, ligament sprain, ligaments sprained, ligament sprained, ligament sprains, ligaments sprain, Sprain;ligament, partial ligament tear, sprain of ligament, Ligament sprain NOS (disorder), Ligament sprain, Sprain of ligament (disorder), Sprain of ligament
French Entorse d'un ligament
Italian Distorsione di legamento
Japanese 靱帯捻挫, ジンタイネンザ
Czech Podvrtnutí vazu
Hungarian Szalagrándulás
Spanish esguince de ligamento (trastorno), esguince de ligamento, estrema de ligamento, esguince ligamentario, SAI (trastorno), esguince ligamentario, SAI, esguince ligamentario (trastorno), esguince ligamentario, Esguince de ligamentos
Portuguese Estiramento de ligamentos
Dutch ligamentverstuiking
German Baenderzerrung