II. Causes: Pauciarticular (Oligoarticular) (2-4 joints)

III. Causes: Polyarticular (Common)

VII. Evaluation

  1. See Joint Pain for History, Exam, Labs and Imaging

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Ontology: Polyarthritis (C0162323)

Definition (CSP) inflammation of several joints together.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D001168
ICD9 714.9
ICD10 M06.4 , M05-M14.9, M13.0, M06.49, M05-M14
SnomedCT 202032009, 201817003, 30701005, 41397009, 201763001, 268056006, 203728000, 268053003, 156514009, 417373000, 416956002
English Unspecified inflammatory polyarthropathy, Polyarthritides, Inflamm.polyarthropathy NOS, Inflammatory polyarthropathy NOS, Inflammatory polyarthropathies, Inflamtry polyarthropathies, Polyarthritis, unspecified, [X]Inflammatory polyarthropathies, [X]Inflamtry polyarthropathies, polyarthritis (diagnosis), polyarthritis, Inflamm polyarthrop NOS, Inflammatory polyarthropathy, site unspecified, inflammatory polyarthropathy, polyarthritides, polyarthropathy inflammatory, Inflammatory polyarthropathies (M05-M14), Polyarthritis, Inflammatory polyarthropathy NOS (disorder), Polyarthritis (disorder), Polyarthritis NOS, [X]Inflammatory polyarthropathies (disorder), Polyarthropathy NOS -inflammat, Inflammatory polyarthropathy, NOS, Polyarthritis, NOS, Inflammatory polyarthropathy or polyarthritis NOS, Inflammatory polyarthropathy, Inflammatory polyarthropathy (disorder)
Dutch niet-gespecificeerde inflammatoire polyartropathie, Inflammatoire polyartropathie, Polyartritis, niet gespecificeerd, polyartritis, Polyartritis
French Polyarthropathie inflammatoire non précisée, Polyarthrite
German unspezifische entzuendliche Polyarthropathie, Polyarthritis, Entzuendliche Polyarthropathie, Polyarthritis, nicht naeher bezeichnet
Italian Poliartropatie infiammatorie non specificate, Poliartrite
Portuguese Poliartropatia inflamatória NE, Poliartrite
Spanish Poliartropatía inflamatoria no especificada, Poliartritis, poliartritis, poliartropatía inflamatoria, SAI, [X]poliartropatías inflamatorias (trastorno), poliartritis (concepto no activo), poliartropatía inflamatoria, SAI (trastorno), [X]poliartropatías inflamatorias, poliartropatía inflamatoria (trastorno), poliartropatía inflamatoria
Japanese 多発性関節炎, 詳細不明の炎症性多発性関節障害, ショウサイフメイノエンショウセイタハツセイカンセツショウガイ, タハツセイカンセツエン
Czech polyartritida, polyarthritis, Blíže neurčená zánětlivá polyartropatie, Polyartritida
Korean 염증성 다발성 관절병증, 상세불명의 다발성 관절염
Hungarian Polyarthritis, Nem meghatározott gyulladásos polyarthropathia
Norwegian Polyartritt

Ontology: Migratory polyarthritis (C0240344)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 111211002
English migratory polyarthritis, Migratory polyarthritis (disorder), Migratory polyarthritis, Migratory polyarthritis, NOS
Spanish poliartritis migratoria, poliartritis migratriz (trastorno), poliartritis migratriz

Ontology: Oligoarticular joint involvement (C0427255)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 250098005
English Oligoarticul joint involvement, Pauciartic joint involvement, Few joints involved, Oligoarticular joint involvement, Pauciarticular joint involvement, Oligoarticular joint involvement (finding)
Spanish compromiso oligoarticular (hallazgo), compromiso oligoarticular, compromiso pauciarticular