II. Efficacy

  1. XRay evidence found in 15% asymptomatic patients
  2. Correlation between XRay and Symptoms is variable
    1. Knee XRay correlates with symptoms in 85% of cases
    2. Hand and Wrist XRays correlate in 80% of cases
    3. Hip XRay correlates with symptoms in 75% of cases

III. Imaging Modalities

  1. Joint XRay
    1. Initial Osteoarthritis evaluation
    2. Follow-up evaluations
  2. Joint CT
    1. Lumbar Spine evaluation for facet hypertrophy
  3. Joint MRI
    1. Post-Traumatic Injury evaluation
    2. Suspected malignancy or infection
    3. Neural foraminal impingement
  4. Joint Ultrasound
    1. Soft tissue cyst evaluation

IV. XRay Findings

  1. Non-uniform narrowing of joint space
  2. Subchondral bony sclerosis
  3. Marginal osteophyte formation
  4. Subchondral Cyst formation
  5. Gross deformity in advanced cases

V. References

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  2. Klippel (1997) Primer Rheumatic Diseases, AF
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