II. Views

  1. Lateral Foot XRay
  2. Anteroposterior Foot XRay (AP Foot)
  3. Consider Oblique View
  4. Consider Magnified View

III. Joints Affected

  1. First Metatarsophalangeal joint
    1. Also consider Gouty Arthritis in differential
  2. Subtalar joint involvement suggests other etiology
    1. Pes Planus
    2. Bony fusion
    3. Psoriasis
    4. Reiter's Syndrome

IV. Findings

  1. Subchondral sclerosis
  2. Subchondral cyst formation
  3. Osteophyte formation
  4. Great toe lateral subluxation
    1. Results in Hallux Valgus deformity

V. References

  1. Brower (1998) Arthritis Black and White, Saunders
  2. Klippel (1997) Primer Rheumatic Diseases, AF
  3. Swagerty (2001) Am Fam Physician 64(2):279-86 [PubMed]

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