II. Rim Pattern

III. Homogenous Pattern

IV. Speckled Pattern

  1. Most common, least specific
  2. Disorders
    1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    2. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
    3. Scleroderma
    4. Sjogren's Syndrome
  3. Further evaluation
    1. Smith Antibody (Anti-Smith)
    2. Ribonucleoprotein Antibody (Anti-RNP)
    3. Scl-70 kD kinetochore (Anti-Topoisomerase I)
    4. Anti-La (Anti-SSB)

V. Nucleolar Pattern

  1. Disorders
    1. Scleroderma
    2. CREST syndrome
  2. Further evaluation
    1. Scl-70 kD kinetochore (Anti-Topoisomerase I)
    2. PM-1

VI. Diffuse Pattern

  1. Non-specific pattern

VII. Centromere Pattern

  1. Seen in PSS with CREST syndrome

VIII. References

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Ontology: Nuclear Ab pattern.homogeneous (C0807128)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
LNC LP29189-5, MTHU009180
English Nuclear Ab pattern.homogeneous, Nuclear Antibody pattern.homogeneous