II. Symptoms: Self Rating

  1. Assess patient's pain with a self rating Pain Scale
  2. Nonverbal 0-10 pain line
  3. Face scale
  4. Intensity descriptive scale
  5. Number Scale
    1. No pain: 0
    2. Mild pain: 1-4
    3. Moderate pain: 5-6
    4. Severe pain: 7-10

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Ontology: Pain scale (C1504479)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
English Pain scale
Dutch pijnschaal
French Echelle de la douleur
German Schmerzskala
Italian Scala del dolore
Portuguese Escala da dor
Spanish Escala visual analógica del dolor
Japanese 疼痛スケール, トウツウスケール
Czech Škála bolesti
Hungarian Fájdalom skála