III. Labs

  1. Arterial Blood Gas
    1. Arterial pH increased
    2. Serum bicarbonate decreased
    3. PaCO2 decreased
  2. Acute Respiratory Alkalosis
    1. PaCO2 decreases by 10 mmHg increases pH by 0.08
    2. Bicarbonate decreases 2 meq/L per 10 mmHg PaCO2 fall
  3. Chronic Respiratory Alkalosis
    1. PaCO2 decrease by 10 mmHg increases pH by 0.03
    2. Bicarbonate decreases 4 meq/L per 10 mmHg PaCO2 fall

IV. References

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Ontology: Alkalosis, Respiratory (C0002064)

Definition (NCI_FDA) A pathologic condition resulting from accumulation of base, or from loss of acid without comparable loss of base in the body fluids, and characterized by decrease in hydrogen ion concentration.
Definition (NCI) Condition characterized by excessive loss of carbon dioxide from the body, often as a result of hyperventilation due to psychogenic or physical factors.
Definition (MSH) A state due to excess loss of carbon dioxide from the body. (Dorland, 27th ed)
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D000472
ICD10 E87.3
SnomedCT 111378004
English Alkaloses, Respiratory, Alkalosis, Respiratory, Respiratory Alkaloses, Respiratory Alkalosis, ALKALOSIS RESPIRATORY, Alkalosis respiratory, respiratory alkalosis (diagnosis), respiratory alkalosis, Respiratory alkaloses, Alkalosis, Respiratory [Disease/Finding], alkalosis respiratory, RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS, Respiratory alkalosis, Respiratory alkalosis (disorder), Respiratory alkalosis, NOS
French ALCALOSE RESPIRATOIRE, Alcaloses respiratoires, Alcalose respiratoire, Alcalose gazeuse
Portuguese ALCALOSE RESPIRATORIA, Alcalose respiratória, Alcaloses respiratórias, Alcalose Respiratória
Spanish ALCALOSIS RESPIRATORIA, alcalosis respiratoria (trastorno), alcalosis respiratoria, Alcalosis respiratoria, Alcalosis respiratorias, Alcalosis Respiratoria
Italian Alcalosi respiratorie, Alcalosi respiratoria
German Alkalose respiratorisch, ALKALOSE RESPIRATORISCH, Respiratorische Alkalosen, respiratorische Alkalose, Alkalose, respiratorische, Respiratorische Alkalose
Swedish Andningsalkalos
Japanese コキュウセイアルカローシス, アルカローシス-呼吸性, 呼吸性アルカローシス
Czech alkalóza respirační, Respirační alkalózy, Respirační alkalóza, Alkalóza respirační
Finnish Respiratorinen alkaloosi
Polish Zasadowica oddechowa
Hungarian Respiratoricus alkalosis, Respiratorikus alkalosis, Respiratorikus alkalosisok
Norwegian Alkalose, respiratorisk, Respiratorisk alkalose
Dutch respiratoire alkalosen, respiratoire alkalose, Alkalose, respiratoire, Respiratoire alkalose