II. Causes: Sleep deprivation

  1. Most common cause of excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  2. Sleep deprivation adversely affects neurobehavioral functioning after 1 night and is cummulative
    1. Van Dongen (2003) Sleep 26(2): 117-26 [PubMed]

III. Causes: Neurologic

  1. Narcolepsy (Prevalence: Up to 0.18% of general population)
  2. Idiopathic daytime Hypersomnolence (accounts for 10% of suspected Narcolepsy cases)
  3. Neurologic Injury or disorder
    1. Head Trauma
    2. Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)
    3. Encephalitis
    4. Brain Tumor
  4. Myoclonic Movements
    1. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
    2. Restless Legs Syndrome

IV. Causes: Psychiatric and Lifestyle Habits

  1. Major Depression
  2. Poor Sleep Hygiene
  3. Circadian Rhythm abnormalities (nightshift changes, Jet Lag)

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