II. Background

  1. Twenty-one question survey completed by patient
  2. Answers scored on 0 to 3 scale
    1. Minimal: 0
    2. Severe: 3

III. Questions

  1. Sadness
  2. Hopelessness
  3. Past failure
  4. Anhedonia
  5. Guilt
  6. Punishment
  7. Self-dislike
  8. Self-blame
  9. Suicidal thoughts
  10. Crying
  11. Agitation
  12. Loss of interest in activities
  13. Indecisiveness
  14. Worthlessness
  15. Loss of energy
  16. Insomnia
  17. Irritability
  18. Decreased appetite
  19. Diminished concentration
  20. Fatigue
  21. Lack of interest in sex

IV. Interpretation

  1. Score <15: Mild Depression
  2. Score 15-30: Moderate Depression
  3. Score >30: Severe Depression

V. Resources: Beck Depression Inventory

  1. General
    1. Intended for use by licensed professionals only
    2. Copyrighted by the Psychological Corporation
  2. Available for purchase from Psychological Corporation
    1. http://www.psychcorp.com/

VI. Reference

  1. Beck (1996) Beck Depression Inventory, Harcourt

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Ontology: Beck depression inventory (C0451022)

Definition (NCI) A twenty-one question survey completed by a patient, with each answer scored on a scale of 0 to 3, designed to measure presence of depression.
Concepts Intellectual Product (T170)
SnomedCT 273306008
English BDI - Beck depression invent, BDI, beck depression inventory, becks depression inventory, bdi, BDI - Beck depression inventory, Beck depression inventory (assessment scale), Beck Depression Inventory, Beck depression inventory
Spanish inventario de depresión de Beck (escala de evaluación), inventario de depresión de Beck