II. Management

  1. Exercise
  2. Counseling very effective
    1. May be completed by primary care physician
    2. Use a longer appointment at the end of the day
  3. No medications indicated unless complicated

III. Course

  1. Temporary

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Ontology: Adjustment disorder with anxious mood (C0154587)

Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
ICD9 309.24
ICD10 F43.22
SnomedCT 47372000
DSM4 309.24
English Adjustment Disorder With Anxiety, Adjustment reaction+anxiousnes, adjustment disorder with anxiety, adjustment disorder with anxiety (diagnosis), adjustment disorder with anxious mood, adjustment disorder with anxious mood (diagnosis), Adjustment disorder with anxiety, Adjustment dis w anxiety, adjustment anxious disorder mood, Adjustment disorder with anxious mood, Adjustment reaction with anxious mood, Adjustment disorder with anxious mood (disorder)
Italian Disturbo di adattamento con ansia, Reazione di adattamento con umore ansioso
Dutch aanpassingsreactie met angstige stemming, aanpassingsstoornissen met angst
French Réaction d'ajustement avec humeur anxieuse, Trouble de l'adaptation avec humeur anxieuse
German Anpassungsreaktion mit aengstlicher Gestimmtheit, Anpassungsstoerung mit aengstlicher Gestimmtheit
Portuguese Reacção de adaptação com humor ansioso, Perturbação de adaptação com ansiedade
Spanish Reacción de adaptación con estado de ánimo ansioso, trastorno de adaptación, con ansiedad (trastorno), trastorno de adaptación, con ansiedad, Trastorno de adaptación con ansiedad
Japanese 不安気分を伴う適応反応, 不安を伴う適応障害, フアンキブンヲトモナウテキオウハンノウ, フアンヲトモナウテキオウショウガイ
Czech Porucha přizpůsobení s úzkostí, Adaptační reakce s úzkostnou náladou
Hungarian Alkalmazkodási reakció szorongásos hangulattal, Alkalmazkodási zavar szorongással