II. Indications

  1. Development screening for age 1 month up to 5.5 years old (19 questionnaires)

III. Description

  1. Each questionnaire contains 6 questions each in 5 areas (30 questions total)
    1. Communication
    2. Gross motor
    3. Fine motor
    4. Problem solving
    5. Personal-social
  2. Each question asks if the child is performing the given skill
    1. Yes: 10 points
    2. Sometimes: 5 points
    3. Not yet: 0 points
  3. Matches well child clinic visit ages
    1. Covers ages 4-60 months
    2. Total questionnaires: 19

IV. Advantages

  1. Written at 4-6 grade level
  2. Parents complete in 10-20 minute test
  3. Uses pictures and directions
  4. Clinicians score in 1-5 minutes
  5. Available in English, Spanish, Korean, and French

V. Scoring

  1. Each of the 5 areas is scored (0-10 points each for 6 questions)
  2. Each area can score 0-60 points
  3. Normal scores are >20-35 depending on the area

VI. Efficacy

  1. Test Sensitivity: 85% (lower at age 4 months)
  2. Test Specificity: 86%
  3. Initial tests with more than 12,000 children of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds
  4. Validated

VII. Resources and References

  1. Ages and Stages
    1. http://agesandstages.com
  2. Paul H. Brookes (Test Publisher)
    1. http://www.brookespublishing.com
  3. Developmental and Behavioral Screening
    1. http://www.dbpeds.org/articles/dbtesting

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Ontology: Ages and stages questionnaire second edition (C2732933)

Concepts Intellectual Product (T170)
SnomedCT 443222000
English Ages and stages questionnaire second edition, ASQ (ages and stages questionnaire) second edition, Ages and stages questionnaire second edition (assessment scale)
Spanish cuestionario de edades y etapas, segunda edición (escala de evaluación), cuestionario ASQ, segunda edición, cuestionario de edades y etapas, segunda edición