II. Mechanism

  1. Inspiratory Gurgles associated with Tracheomalacia
  2. Softening occurs In or below the Larynx
  3. Condition resolves spontaneously
    1. Rings of cartilage in airway becomes more rigid

III. Signs

  1. Sound continues while infant feeds
  2. Minimal distress despite significant
    1. Soft-tissue retraction with inspiration
  3. No cough (no inflammatory reaction)

IV. Differential Diagnosis: Croup

  1. Gurgle Stridor sound more liquid sound than with croup
  2. Gurgles are associated with less respiratory effort

V. Diagnosis

VI. Management

  1. No management needed

VII. Course

  1. Sounds of Tracheomalacia may continue until age 2 years
  2. Development remains normal

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Ontology: Gurgling (C0232517)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 24436009
English gurgling sounds, gurgling, Gurgling, Gurgling sounds, Gurgling (finding)
Spanish gorgoriteo (hallazgo), gorgoriteo, gorgoteo (hallazgo), gorgoteo, sonidos de gorgoteo