II. Associated Conditions: Fractures

  1. Distal Radius Fracture (Colles' Fracture)
    1. Seen in older adults (esp. Osteoporosis)
  2. Scaphoid Fracture
    1. Seen in young adults
    2. Snuff-box tenderness
  3. Distal radius greenstick Fracture
    1. Seen in toddlers
  4. Epiphyseal Fracture of distal radius
    1. Seen in teens

III. Associated Conditions: Ligamentous Injury

IV. Associated Conditions: Infection Risks

  1. Dorsal Laceration over joint of hand
    1. Risk for intra-articular infection
  2. Nail bed bleeding suggests Tuft Fracture
    1. Consider Osteomyelitis

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