II. Signs

  1. Volar angulation of distal radius fragment

III. Management

  1. Fracture does not involve articular surface
    1. Traction and Manipulation
    2. Immobilization with Splinting and Casting
  2. Fracture involves articular surface
    1. Often involves volar subluxation of Carpal Bones
    2. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)

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Ontology: Reversed Colles' fracture (C0347795)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD10 S52.54
SnomedCT 123972004
Dutch Smith-fractuur, Smith; fractuur, fractuur; Smith
French Fracture de Smith
German Smith-Fraktur
Italian Frattura di Smith
Portuguese Fractura de Colles invertida
Spanish Fractura de Smith, fractura de Colles invertida (trastorno), fractura de Colles invertida, fractura de Smith
Japanese スミス骨折, スミスコッセツ
Czech Smithova zlomenina
English smith fracture, smith's fracture, smiths fracture, fractures smith, fractures smith's, fracture of radius distal end smith's, Smith's fracture of radius (diagnosis), Smith's fracture of radius, Smith's fracture, Reversed Colles' fracture (disorder), Smith, Smith; fracture, fracture; Smith, Reversed Colles' fracture
Hungarian Smith-féle törés