II. Mechanism

  1. Direct Trauma to anterior Patella without rotation

III. Causes

  1. Chronic Kneeling (e.g. carpet layers, gardeners)
  2. Acute direct Trauma

IV. Symptoms

  1. Anterior Knee Pain and swelling

V. Signs

  1. Tenderness over Prepatellar Bursa
    1. Anterior knee overlying Patella
    2. Dome shaped swelling

VI. Differential Diagnosis

  1. Patella Contusion
  2. Patella Fracture
  3. Intra-articular Knee Injury
  4. Septic knee
  5. Septic Bursitis

VII. Management

  1. NSAIDs
  2. Local Ice Therapy
  3. Eliminate pressure overlying Patella
  4. Prepatellar Bursa Injection (refractory cases)

VIII. References

  1. Greene (2001) Musculoskeletal Care, AAOS, p. 335-6
  2. Cardone (2003) Am Fam Physician 67(10):2147-52 [PubMed]

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Ontology: Prepatellar bursa disease (C0851258)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 726.65
ICD10 M70.4 , M70.40
SnomedCT 202931000, 268096008, 156684006, 17059001
English Housemaid's knee, prepatellar bursitis, prepatellar bursitis (diagnosis), Pre-patellar bursitis, Prepatellar bursitis, unspecified knee, Housemaids knee, Prepatellar bursa disease, bursitis prepatellar, housemaid knee, House-maid's knee, Prepatellar bursitis, Prepatellar bursitis (disorder), bursitis; prepatellar, housemaid's knee, hygroma; prepatellar, nun's knee, prepatellar; bursitis, prepatellar; hygroma, housemaids knee, prepatellar bursa
Dutch prepatellaire bursitis, tendinitis prepatellaris, bursitis; prepatellair, hygroom; prepatellair, prepatellair; bursitis, prepatellair; hygroom, Bursitis prepatellaris
French Bursite prérotulienne, Bursite pré-rotulienne
German Bursitis praepatellaris
Italian Borsite pre-rotulea, Borsite pararotulea
Portuguese Bursite pré-rotuliana
Spanish Bursitis prerrotuliana, bursitis prepatelar, bursitis prerrotuliana (trastorno), bursitis prerrotuliana
Japanese 膝蓋骨前滑液包炎, シツガイコツゼンカツエキホウエン
Czech Prepatelární burzitida
Korean 전 무릎뼈 윤활낭염
Hungarian Prepatelláris bursitis, Praepatellaris bursitis