II. Mechanism

  1. Direct blow to thigh

III. Signs: Limited knee flexion (Assess at 12 to 24 hour)

  1. Mild Injury
    1. Knee flexion >90 degrees
  2. Moderate Contusion
    1. Knee flexion 45-90 degrees
  3. Severe Contusion
    1. Knee flexion <45 degrees

IV. Management

  1. Phase 1: Wrap knee, extended to 130 degrees
  2. Phase 2: Restore Range of Motion
  3. Phase 3: Return to Play

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Ontology: Contusion of thigh (C0160949)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD9 924.00
ICD10 S70.1
SnomedCT 269377008, 84416003
Dutch blauwe plek op dij, dijkneuzing, contusie; quadriceps femoris, Contusie van bovenbeen
French Ecchymose de la cuisse, Contusion de la cuisse
German Prellung des Oberschenkels, blaue Flecken am Oberschenkel
Italian Contusione della coscia
Portuguese Contusão da coxa
Spanish Cardenales en el muslo, Contusión de muslo, contusión de muslo, contusión de muslo (trastorno), contusión del muslo (trastorno), contusión del muslo
Japanese 大腿の挫傷, 大腿部の挫傷, ダイタイノザショウ, ダイタイブノザショウ
English thigh tissue injury contusion, Contusion of thigh, Bruising of thigh, contusion of thigh, contusion of thigh (physical finding), bruised thighs, contusions thigh, bruised thigh, thigh contusion, thigh bruising, Thigh bruise, Thigh - bruise, Contusion, thigh, Superficial bruising of thigh, Contusion of thigh (disorder), contusion; quadriceps femoris
Czech Zhmoždění stehna, Kontuze stehna
Korean 넓적다리의 타박상
Hungarian A comb zúzódása, Véraláfutás a combon