II. Pathophysiology

  1. Hematoma that ossifies

III. Symptoms and Signs

  1. Similar findings as with Quadriceps Contusion

IV. Differential diagnosis

V. Management

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Ontology: Myositis Ossificans (C0027122)

Definition (NCI) A disorder characterized by non-neoplastic bone formation in soft tissues. It usually follows blunt trauma and bleeding in the deep soft tissues.
Definition (MSH) A disease characterized by bony deposits or the ossification of muscle tissue.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D009221
SnomedCT 44551007, 156720008, 203030008
English Muscle calcification, Myositis Ossificans [Disease/Finding], myositis ossificans, muscle calcification, myositis ossifican, ossificans myositis, muscular calcification, Muscular calcification, Myositis Ossificans, ossification of muscle (diagnosis), ossification of muscle, Ossification - muscle, Calcification - muscle, Myositis ossificans, Muscle ossification, Muscular ossification (disorder), Muscular ossification, muscle; ossification, myositis; ossificans, ossificans; myositis, ossification; muscle, Muscular ossification, NOS, Myisitis ossificans
Japanese 骨化性筋炎, コッカセイキンエン, コツカセイキンエン
Swedish Myositis ossificans
Czech myositis ossificans, Osifikující myozitida
Finnish Lihaksen luutumismuutos
Polish Zapalenie mięśni kostniejące, Kostnienie mięśni
Hungarian Myositis ossificans
Norwegian Myositis ossificans
Dutch myositis; ossificans, ossificans; myositis, ossificatie; spier, spier; ossificatie, myositis ossificans, Myositis ossificans
Spanish miositis osificante, osificación de músculo (trastorno), osificación de músculo, osificación muscular, Miositis osificante, Miositis Osificante
Portuguese Miosite ossificante, Miosite Ossificante
French Myosite ossifiante, Myosite ossifiante progressive diffuse, Maladie de Münchmeyer, Maladie de l'homme de pierre
German Myositis ossificans
Italian Miosite ossificante