II. Technique

  1. Compare with opposite arm
  2. Test isometric strength (resisted)
    1. Use standard Strength Grading in Motor Exam (from 1 to 5, with 5 normal strength)

III. Interpretation

  1. Pain suggests Tendonitis
  2. Weakness suggests Rotator Cuff Tear

IV. Exam: Specific Movements

  1. Shoulder Abduction
    1. Deltoid muscle
    2. Supraspinatus muscle
    3. Scapulothoracic articulation can abduct, with shrugging, even a Frozen Shoulder up to 65 degrees
  2. Shoulder adduction
    1. Pectoralis major muscle
  3. Shoulder flexion
    1. Biceps muscle
  4. Shoulder extension
    1. Latissimus dorsi muscle
  5. Shoulder Internal Rotation
    1. Subscapularis muscle
  6. Shoulder External Rotation
    1. Infraspinatus muscle
    2. Teres minor muscle

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