II. Definition

  1. Passive Stretching of extensor thumb tendons

III. Indication

IV. Technique: Finkelstein's Test (preferred, higher Test Specificity)

  1. Examiner braces wrist in ulnar deviation
  2. Examiner passively flexes thumb across palm

V. Technique: Eichhoff's Test

  1. Patient tucks thumb into palm within a closed fist
  2. Patient ulnar deviates the wrist

VI. Interpretation

  1. Dorsal thumb pain suggests De Quervain's Tenosynovitis
  2. Finkelstein's Test is preferred
    1. Eichhoff's Test is more likely to give a False Positive result

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Ontology: Finkelsteins test response (C0231669)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 4051006
English Finkelstein's test, finkelsteins test, finkelstein test, finkelstein's test, Finkelsteins test, Finkelsteins test response (observable entity), Finkelsteins test response
Spanish prueba de Finkelstein (entidad observable), prueba de Finkelstein, respuesta a la prueba de Finkelstein (entidad observable), respuesta a la prueba de Finkelstein