II. Pathophysiology

III. Signs

  1. Fourth and fifth finger deformity
    1. MCP extension
    2. PIP and DIP flexion

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Ontology: Acquired claw hand (C0158470)

Concepts Acquired Abnormality (T020)
ICD9 736.06
SnomedCT 111257000, 367393006, 367335002, 285419000
English Claw hand (acquired), acquired claw hand (diagnosis), acquired claw hand, Claw hand, Claw hand - acquired, Main en griffe, Claw hand - acquired (finding), Acquired claw hand (disorder), Main en griffe (disorder), Claw hand, NOS, Main en griffe, NOS, Acquired claw hand (disorder) [Ambiguous], Acquired claw hand
Dutch klauwhand (verworven)
French Main en griffe (acquise)
German Klauenhand, erworben
Italian Mano ad artiglio (acquisita)
Portuguese Mão em garra
Spanish Mano en garra (adquirida), main en griffe, mano en garra (trastorno), mano en garra - adquirida (hallazgo), mano en garra - adquirida, mano en garra adquirida (concepto no activo), mano en garra adquirida (trastorno), mano en garra adquirida, mano en garra
Japanese 鷲手(後天性), ワシテコウテンセイ
Czech Získaná drápovitá ruka
Hungarian Karomállású kéz (szerzett)

Ontology: Claw hand (C0221373)

Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
SnomedCT 367371001, 299034005
English Main en griffe, Claw hands, claw hand (physical finding), clawhand (MCP hyperextended, IP flexed), claw hand, main en griffe, claw hands, hand claw, Main en griffe (disorder), Claw hand (finding), clawhand, Claw hand
Spanish mano en garra (hallazgo), mano en garra