II. Exam: Ankle

  1. Inspection
    1. Compare both ankles (without shoes or socks)
    2. Note edema, deformity or skin abnormalities
  2. Ankle stability
    1. Talar Tilt
    2. Ankle Anterior Drawer Test
  3. Lateral Ankle
    1. Palpate the distal fibula
    2. Palpate the lateral ankle ligaments (torn in Lateral Ankle Sprain)
      1. Anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL)
      2. Posterior talofibular ligament (PTFL)
      3. Calcaneal fibular ligament (CFL)
  4. Medial Ankle
    1. Palpate the distal tibia and medial malleolus (Ottawa Ankle Rule)
    2. Palpate the medial deltoid ligament complex

III. Exam: Additional exam outside the ankle

  1. Foot vascular exam
    1. Posterior tibial pulse
    2. Dorsalis pedis pulse
    3. Distal foot Capillary Refill
  2. Foot and ankle Neurologic Exam
    1. Active ankle plantar flexion, ankle dorsiflexion and great toe dorsiflexion
    2. Toe movement
  3. Foot
    1. Palpate the Tarsal Navicular Bone for Fracture
    2. Palpate the proximal fifth Metatarsal Bone (site of avulsion from peroneus brevis tendon)
    3. Palpate the midfoot dorsum (lisfranc joint injury)
  4. Leg
    1. Palpate the proximal fibula (for Maisonneuve Fracture)
    2. Thompson Test (evaluate for Achilles Tendon Rupture)
    3. Syndesmotic Sprain testing
      1. Squeeze Test
      2. Crossed-Leg Test
      3. Ankle External Rotation Test (Syndesmotic Stress Test)

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Ontology: Examination of ankle joint (C0562272)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
SnomedCT 284402006
English Examination of ankle joint, Examination of ankle joint (procedure)
Spanish examen de articulaciĆ³n del tobillo (procedimiento), examen de articulaciĆ³n del tobillo