II. Definition

  1. Congenital syndrome due to in-utero Phenytoin exposure

III. Epidemiology

  1. Incidence: <10% of exposed fetuses

IV. Signs

  1. Microcephaly
  2. Growth Delay
  3. Mental Retardation and Developmental Delay
  4. Craniofacial dysmorphic features
    1. Flat Nasal Bridge
    2. Epicanthic folds
    3. Prominent upper lip over wide mouth
  5. Distinguishing characteristics
    1. Nail and distal phalanx hypoplasia
    2. Hypertelorism

V. Differential Diagnosis

VI. References

  1. Gabbe (2002) Obstetrics, Churchill, p. 225
  2. Ellenhorn (1997) Medical Toxicology, Williams, p. 606

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Ontology: Fetal hydantoin syndrome (C0265372)

Definition (NCI) A teratogenic disorder observed in a newborn or child of a mother who was exposed to phenytoin during pregnancy. Manifestations include dysmorphic craniofacial features, hypoplastic distal phalanges and nails, growth delay and delayed psychomotor development.(NICHD)
Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH C537922
ICD10 Q86.1
SnomedCT 205789007, 70065001
English Fetal hydantoin syndrome, Foetal hydantoin syndrome, Fetal phenytoin syndrome, Foetal phenytoin syndrome, FHS, FETAL HYDANTOIN SYNDROME, fetal hydantoin syndrome (diagnosis), fetal hydantoin syndrome, Dilantin Embryopathy, dilantin syndrome, fetal dilantin syndrome, hydantoin syndrome, Phenytoin Embryopathy, Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome, Fetal phenytoin syndrome (disorder), Meadow's syndrome, Fetal hydantoin syndrome (disorder), Meadow, fetal; hydantoin syndrome, fetus; hydantoin syndrome, hydantoin syndrome; fetus, hydantoin; fetal syndrome, hydantoin; syndrome, fetal, syndrome; fetal, hydantoin, syndrome; hydantoin, fetal
Dutch hydantoïnesyndroom, foetaal, fenytoïnesyndroom, foetaal, foetaal; hydantoïnesyndroom, foetus; hydantoïnesyndroom, hydantoïne; foetaal syndroom, hydantoïne; syndroom, foetaal, hydantoïnesyndroom; foetus, syndroom; foetaal, hydantoïne, syndroom; hydantoïne, foetaal, Foetaal-hydantoïnesyndroom
French Réaction foetale à la phénytoïne, Embryo-foetopathie à la phénytoïne, Syndrome foetal dû à l'hydantoïne
German fetales Phenytoinsyndrom, fetales Hydantoinsyndrom, Antiepileptika-Embryopathie
Italian Sindrome fetale da idantoina, Sindrome fetale da fenitoina
Portuguese Síndrome fetal de fenitoína, Síndrome fetal de hidantoína, Síndrome fenitoínica fetal
Spanish Síndrome fetal por fenitoína, Síndrome fetal por hidantoína, síndrome fetal por hidantoína (trastorno), síndrome fetal por hidantoína
Japanese 胎児フェニトイン症候群, 胎児ヒダントイン症候群, タイジフェニトインショウコウグン, タイジヒダントインショウコウグン
Czech Fetální fenytoinový syndrom, Fetální hydatoinový syndrom
Korean 태아 하이단토인 증후군
Hungarian Magzati phenytoin syndroma, Magzati phenytoin szindróma, Magzati hydantoin syndroma, Magzati hydantoin szindróma