II. Management: Beneficial Measures

  1. Continuous Labor Support (Doula)
    1. Decreases obstetric interventions
  2. Warm water baths
    1. Mixed results on efficacy in studies
    2. Safe option for limited period (<1-2 hours)
    3. Wait until active labor (cervical dilation >5 cm)
    4. Keep water Temperature less than Body Temperature

III. Management: Unclear efficacy (small or inconclusive studies)

  1. Intradermal sterile-water injections in sacral area
    1. Causes local burning (counterirritation)
  2. Position changes, massage or touch

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Ontology: Natural Childbirth assistance (C0027484)

Definition (MSH) Labor and delivery without medical intervention, usually involving RELAXATION THERAPY.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D009321
English Childbirth, Natural, Natural Childbirth, childbirth natural, natural childbirth, Natural childbirth, Natural Childbirth assistance, Childbirth (Natural)
Swedish Psykoprofylax
Czech přirozený porod
Finnish Luonnollinen synnytys
Polish Poród naturalny, Poród rodzinny
Portuguese Parto Natural, Parto Normal
French Accouchement naturel
German Sanfte Geburt, Geburt, natürliche, Natürliche Geburt
Italian Parto naturale
Dutch Geboorte, natuurlijke, Natuurlijke geboorte
Spanish Parto Normal