II. Mechanism

  1. Altered or special state of consciousness
  2. Hyper-response to suggestion

III. Efficacy

  1. Shown to speed First Stage of Labor
    1. Decreased need for Labor Anesthesia
    2. Enhance feelings of positivity
  2. Patient dependent
    1. Very suggestible: 15%
    2. Difficult to hypnotize: 15%

IV. Technique

  1. Trial method first in clinic at 34 weeks
  2. Determine susceptibility to Hypnosis
    1. Sway or hand lightening technique
  3. Remove misconceptions
  4. Promote patient control
  5. Induction
  6. Deepening
  7. Imagery
    1. "Special Place"
    2. Music can be helpful
  8. Suggestions
    1. Turn down pain monitor inside brain

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