II. Indications

  1. Oligohydramnios with or without Fetal Distress
    1. Preterm prolonged Rupture of Membranes
    2. Recurrent Variable Decelerations
  2. Cephalic presentation
  3. Thick particulate Meconium staining of amniotic fluid

III. Contraindication

  1. Amnioinfusion should not delay definitive management
  2. Chorioamnionitis
  3. Fetal Malpresentation (e.g. Breech, Transverse Lie)
  4. Scalp pH < 7.20
  5. Late Decelerations
  6. Multiple Gestation
  7. Uterine anomaly
  8. Undiagnosed Third Trimester Bleeding
  9. Placental Abruption
  10. Placenta Previa

IV. Efficacy

  1. Heavy meconium stained fluid
    1. Improved perinatal outcome
    2. Reduced risk Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
    3. Decreased NICU admissions
    4. Decreased risk of Mechanical Ventilation
  2. Cord Compression suspected
    1. Reduces FHR Variable Decelerations
    2. Lowers rate of ceserean sections

V. Technique

  1. Cervical exam
    1. Evaluate dilation and presentation
    2. Evaluate for Umbilical Cord Prolapse
  2. Place fetal scalp electrode
  3. Place double lumen intrauterine pressure catheter
  4. Initial Bolus
    1. Warmed Normal Saline at 10-20 ml/minute
    2. Stop bolus at 250 to 500 cc
  5. Maintenance infusion of warmed Normal Saline
    1. Rate: 3 cc/min or 50 to 60 cc/hour
  6. Document intrauterine pressure continuously
  7. Goal: Maintain amniotic fluid index of 8-12 cm

VI. Adverse Effects

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Ontology: Amnioinfusion (C0262671)

Definition (NCI) The procedure of instilling saline or other fluids into the amniotic cavity using an intrauterine catheter.
Definition (NIC) Infusion of fluid into the uterus during labor to relieve umbilical cord compression or to dilute meconium-stained fluid
Definition (ALT) Infusing a sterile solution into a client/patient's uterus during her labor to relieve umbilical cord compression and/or dilute meconium-stained fluid. Service is billed per procedure.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
ICD9 75.37
ICD10 16621-00
SnomedCT 236956008
English Amnio-infusion, amnio infusion, amnioinfusion, amnio-infusion, obstet surg antepartum amnioinfusion, Amnioinfusion (treatment), Amnioinfusion, Amnioinfusion (procedure), Amnioinfusion each procedure, amnionfzn ea.procedure
Spanish amnioinfusiĆ³n (procedimiento), amnioinfusiĆ³n