II. Cost: $75

III. Interpretation

  1. Reactive (Normal)
    1. Two or more Fetal Heart Rate increases in 20 minutes
    2. Accelerations increase by 15 beats for 15 seconds
    3. Related to fetal movement
  2. Non-reactive
    1. Monitoring for two 20 minute periods
    2. Neither period yields adequate accelerations
    3. Adjuncts to assist fetal activity fail
      1. Acoustic stimulation
      2. Manual stimulation
      3. Glucose drink

IV. Management

  1. Reactive Nonstress Test
    1. Reassuring for fetal well being for 3-4 days
    2. Follow daily Fetal Kick Counts
  2. Non-Reactive Nonstress Test
    1. Perform Oxytocin Challenge Test (OCT)
    2. Perform Biophysical Profile

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Ontology: Nonstress test (C1314734)

Definition (NCI) A non-invasive test usually done during the third trimester to check for fetal well being. It is performed using an external fetal heart rate monitor to assess the fetal heart rate response to fetal movements.
Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
SnomedCT 252947009, 387673001
English non stress test, non stress tests, nonstress test, nonstress tests, non stress testing, nonstress testing, Obstetric Non-Stress Test, Non-Stress Test, Nonstress test, Nonstress test (regime/therapy)
Spanish prueba sin esfuerzo (régimen/tratamiento), prueba sin esfuerzo