II. Definition: Webbed Neck (Pterygium Colli Deformity)

  1. Congenital skin fold from the neck to the Shoulders

III. Signs

  1. May appear as loose folds of skin at the neck

IV. Causes

  1. Turner's Syndrome
  2. Noonan Syndrome
  3. Klippel-Feil Syndrome

VI. References

  1. Saenger in Snyder (2014) Clinical Manifestations and Diagnosis of Turners Syndrome, UpToDate, Accessed online 9/2/2014

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Ontology: Neck webbing (C0221217)

Definition (NCI) A congenital, usually bilateral, thick web-like fold of skin that extends from the acromion to the mastoid process. This deformity is associated with Turner Syndrome and Noonan Syndrome.
Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
ICD9 744.5
ICD10 Q18.3
SnomedCT 11731003, 204280000, 204281001, 249667006, 204279003, 271281009
English Webbing of neck, Pterygium colli, Congenital webbing of neck NOS, Congenital neck webbing unsp., Congenital neck webbing, unspecified, webbing of neck, webbing of neck (diagnosis), webbed neck (physical finding), webbed neck, Pterygium Colli, Webbed Neck, neck webbing, pterygium colli, webbing neck, web neck, Neck webs, Congenital webbing of neck (disorder), Congenital webbing of neck NOS (disorder), Neck webbing (finding), Congenital neck webbing, unspecified (disorder), Neck Webbing, Webbed neck, Congenital webbing of neck, Neck webbing, Neck webbing (disorder), colli; pterygium, neck; web, pterygium; colli, web; neck
Italian Pterigio del collo
Dutch webbed neck', colli; pterygium, neck; web, pterygium; colli, web; neck, Webbed Neck, pterygium colli
French Cou palmé, Ptérygium colli
German Flughautbildung am Hals, Fluegelfell des Halses, Pterygium colli
Portuguese Pterígio do pescoço, Pterígio colli
Spanish Excrecencia membranosa del cuello, cuello membranoso congénito, SAI (trastorno), cuello membranoso congénito, SAI, cuello membranoso congénito, no especificado, cuello membranoso congénito, no especificado (trastorno), brida congénita del cuello, cuello membranoso, pterigión cervical (trastorno), pterigión cervical, Pterygium colli
Japanese 翼状頚, ヨクジョウケイ
Czech Pterygium colli, Kožní řasa
Korean 익상경
Hungarian Pterygium colli, Nyaki háló