II. Description

  1. Tremor while moving body part from position A to B

III. Type

  1. Postural Tremor
    1. Tremor when limb maintains position against gravity
  2. Isometric Tremor
    1. Tremor when Muscle contracts against fixed object
    2. Example: Tremor on gripping
  3. Kinetic Tremor
    1. Tremor during any type of limb movement
    2. Frequency: 3-10 Hz
    3. Subtypes (see below)
      1. Simple Tremor
      2. Intention Tremor
      3. Task-specific tremor
  4. Intention Tremor (sub-type of Kinetic Tremor)
    1. See Cerebellar Tremor
  5. Task-specific tremor
    1. Tremor on performing highly skilled activity
    2. Example: Tremor on writing, speaking, playing music

IV. Management

  1. See specific sub-types
  2. Wrist weights
  3. Isoniazid (INH)

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Ontology: Action Tremor (C0234376)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
MSH D014202
ICD10 G25.2
SnomedCT 30721006
English INTENTION TREMOR, Tremor Action, Tremor Intention, action tremor, intention tremor (physical finding), action tremor (physical finding), intention tremor, Tremor intention, Action Tremors, Tremor, Action, Tremors, Action, Intention Tremor, Intention Tremors, Tremor, Intention, Tremors, Intention, cerebellar tremors, kinetic tremor, action tremors, intention tremors, cerebellar tremor, intentioned tremors, volitional tremor, Tremor, intention, Tremor, action, Action tremor, Cerebellar tremor, Intention tremor, Kinetic tremor, Volitional tremor, Intention tremor (finding), tremor; intention, Hunt's tremor, Action Tremor
Dutch tremorintentie, intentietremor, tremor; intentie, intentie tremor, Actietremor, Intentietremor
Japanese 企図振戦, キトシンセン, ドウサジシンセン, 動作時振戦
Portuguese Tremor de Ação, TREMOR INTENSIONAL, Tremor de acção, Tremor intencional, Tremor de Intenção
Spanish Temblor de Acción, TEMBLOR DE INTENCION, Temblor de acción, temblor cerebeloso, temblor cinético, temblor intencional (hallazgo), temblor intencional, temblor por acción, temblor volitivo, Temblor intencional, Temblor de Intención
French Tremblement d'action, TREMBLEMENT INTENTIONNEL, Tremblement intentionnel, Tremblement cinétique, Tremblement d'intention
German Aktionstremor, INTENTIONSTREMOR, Intentionstremor
Czech Intenční třes, Intenční tremor, Akční třes, intenční tremor, akční třes
Hungarian Intenciós tremor, Intentiós tremor, Akciós tremor
Norwegian Intensjonstremor, Aksjonstremor
Italian Tremore d'azione, Tremore dinamico, Tremore cinetico, Tremore intenzionale