III. Findings: Symptoms and Signs (Mnemonic: SLUDgE + Killer Bs, or DUMBELLS)

  1. Sludge
    1. Salivation
    2. Lacrimation and Lethargy
    3. Urination
    4. Diarrhea (and Diaphoresis) and abdominal cramping
    5. Emesis (Nausea and Vomiting)
  2. Killer B's
    1. Bronchospasm
    2. Bronchorrhea
    3. Bradycardia (muscarinic)
      1. Tachycardia may occur with nicotinic toxicity
  3. Other
    1. Miosis (pinpoint pupils)

IV. Findings: Symptoms and Signs: Other (not covered by mnemonic)

  1. Anxiety or Agitation
  2. Seizures
  3. Coma
  4. Muscle Fasciculations
  5. Flaccid Paralysis (including respiratory Muscles)

V. Diagnostics

VI. Management

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Ontology: Parasympathomimetic Agents (C0030512)

Definition (MSH) Drugs that mimic the effects of parasympathetic nervous system activity. Included here are drugs that directly stimulate muscarinic receptors and drugs that potentiate cholinergic activity, usually by slowing the breakdown of acetylcholine (CHOLINESTERASE INHIBITORS). Drugs that stimulate both sympathetic and parasympathetic postganglionic neurons (GANGLIONIC STIMULANTS) are not included here.
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121)
MSH D010277
SnomedCT 19581007, 372668005
English Parasympathomimetics, Agents, Parasympathomimetic, Drugs, Parasympathomimetic, Parasympathomimetic Agents, Parasympathomimetic Drugs, parasympathomimetic agent, parasympathomimetics, parasympathomimetics (medication), parasympathomimetic drugs, parasympathomimetic drug, parasympathomimetic agents, parasympathomimetic, PARASYMPATHOMIMETICS, Parasympathomimetic agents, Parasympathomimetic, Parasympathomimetic agent (product), Parasympathomimetic agent (substance), Parasympathomimetic agent, Parasympathomimetic agent, NOS
Swedish Parasympatomimetika
Czech parasympatomimetika, cholinomimetika
Finnish Parasympatomimeetit
French Médicaments parasympathomimétiques, Agents parasympathomimétiques, Parasympathomimétiques
Polish Leki parasympatykomimetyczne
Japanese 副交感神経興奮薬, 副交感神経作動剤, 副交感神経作動薬, 副交感神経様作動物質, 副交感神経様作動薬, 副交感神経様作用薬物
Spanish Efecto Parasimpaticomimético, agente parasimpaticomimético (producto), agente parasimpaticomimético (sustancia), agente parasimpaticomimético, Parasimpaticomiméticos
Portuguese Efeito Parassimpatomimético, Parassimpatomiméticos
German Parasympathikomimetika
Italian Parasimpatomimetici

Ontology: Cholinomimetics (C0242892)

Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121)
MSH D018678
French Médicaments acétylcholinomimétiques, Agents cholinomimétiques, Acétylcholinomimétiques, Médicaments cholinomimétiques, Cholinomimétiques
Spanish Colinomiméticos
German Cholinomimetika
Italian Colinomimetici
English cholinomimetics, cholinomimetic, Cholinomimetics
Portuguese Colinomiméticos

Ontology: Cholinergic Agents (C0242893)

Definition (MSH) Any drug used for its actions on cholinergic systems. Included here are agonists and antagonists, drugs that affect the life cycle of ACETYLCHOLINE, and drugs that affect the survival of cholinergic neurons. The term cholinergic agents is sometimes still used in the narrower sense of MUSCARINIC AGONISTS, although most modern texts discourage that usage.
Definition (CSP) drug used for its actions in stimulating cholinergic systems.
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121)
MSH D018678
SnomedCT 19581007
English Agents, Cholinergic, Cholinergic Agents, cholinergic agent, Acetylcholine Agents, Agents, Acetylcholine, Cholinergic Drugs, Drugs, Cholinergic, cholinergic agents, cholinergic drugs, cholinergics, cholinergic drug, Cholinergics, Cholinergic agent, Cholinergic agent, NOS
French Médicaments cholinergiques, Cholinergiques, Agents acétylcholinergiques, Agents cholinergiques
Swedish Kolinerga medel
Czech cholinergní látky
Finnish Kolinergiset lääkkeet
Italian Agenti dell'acetilcolina, Colinergici, Farmaci colinergici, Sostanze colinergiche
Croatian Not Translated[Cholinergic Agents]
Polish Czynniki cholinergiczne, Środki pobudzające układ przywspółczulny
Portuguese Colinérgicos, Acetilcolínicos, Agentes Colinérgicos, Agentes Muscarínicos, Agentes de Acetilcolina, Efeito Colinérgico, Agentes Nicotínicos
Spanish Colinérgicos, Acetilcolínicos, Agentes Nicotínicos, Efecto Colinérgico, Agentes de Acetilcolina, Agentes Muscarínicos, Agentes Colinérgicos, agente colinérgico, droga colinérgica
Norwegian Not Translated[Cholinergic Agents]
German Acetylcholin-Analoga, Cholinergika

Ontology: Poisoning by parasympathomimetic drug (C0274702)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD9 971.0
SnomedCT 212680000, 61356009
English CHOLINERGIC SYNDROME, PARASYMPATHOMIMETIC SYNDROME, Cholinergic poisoning NOS, parasympathomimetic toxicity (diagnosis), parasympathomimetic toxicity, Syndrome cholinergic, Parasympathomimetic syndrome, Syndrome parasympathomimetic, Pois-parasympathomimetic, Poisoning by parasympathomimetics (cholinergics), Cholinergic poisoning NOS (disorder), Cholinergic poisoning, Parasympathomimetic poisoning, Cholinergic syndrome, Poisoning by cholinergic drug, Poisoning by parasympathomimetic drug (disorder), Poisoning by parasympathomimetic drug, Poisoning by cholinergic drug, NOS, Poisoning by parasympathomimetic drug, NOS, Poisoning by cholinergics, Poisoning by parasympathomimetics
Italian Sindrome colinergica, Sindrome parasimpaticomimetica, Avvelenamento da parasimpaticomimetici (colinergici)
Dutch parasympathicomimetisch syndroom, syndroom cholinerg, syndroom parasympathomimetisch, vergiftiging door parasympaticomimetica (cholinergica), cholinerg syndroom
French Syndrome parasympathomimétique, SYNDROME CHOLINERGIQUE, SYNDROME PARASYMPATHOMIMETIQUE, Intoxication par parasympathomimétiques (cholinergiques), Syndrome cholinergique
German Syndrom, Parasympathomimetikum, Parasympathomimetikum-Syndrom, Syndrom cholinerg, CHOLINERGES SYNDROM, PARASYMPATHIKOMIMETISCHE SYMPTOMA, Vergiftung durch Parasympathomimetika (Cholinergika), cholinerges Syndrom
Portuguese Síndrome parassimpaticomimética, Síndrome parassimpaticomémitica, SINDROME COLINERGICO, SINDROME PARASIMPATICOMIMETICO, Intoxicação por parassimpaticomiméticos (colinérgicos), Síndrome colinérgica
Spanish Síndrome parasimpaticomimético, COLINERGICO, SINDROME, PARASIMPATICOMIMETICO, SINDROME, Intoxicación por parasimpaticomiméticos (colinérgicos), intoxicación colinérgica, SAI (trastorno), intoxicación colinérgica, SAI, intoxicación por droga colinérgica (trastorno), intoxicación por droga colinérgica, intoxicación por droga parasimpaticomimética, síndrome colinérgico, Síndrome colinérgico
Japanese コリン作動性症候群, 副交感神経作動性症候群, コリンサドウセイショウコウグン, フクコウカンシンケイサドウセイショウコウグン, 副交感神経作用薬(コリン作用薬)中毒, フクコウカンシンケイサヨウヤクコリンサヨウヤクチュウドク
Czech Cholinergní syndrom, Parasympatomimetický syndrom, Syndrom parasympatomimetický, Otrava parasympatomimetiky (cholinergiky)
Hungarian Parasympathomimeticus syndroma, Parasympathomimetikus syndroma, Cholinergiás syndroma, Cholinerg syndroma, Paraszimpatomimetikumok (kolinerg szerek) által okozott mérgezés