II. Exam

  1. Matches colors and objects (if unable to name them)

III. Signs: Brain Lesions

  1. Contralateral hemianopia

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Ontology: Occipital lobe (C0028785)

Definition (FMA) Occipital lobe is the one of five lobes of the cerebral hemisphere which occupies the posterior-most portion of the hemisphere. Anteriorly, it shares an arbitrary border with the parietal lobe and temporal lobe. Medially, it is bounded by the longitudinal cerebral fissure.
Definition (NCI) The posterior part of the cerebral hemisphere. (MeSH)
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The posterior part of the cerebral hemisphere. (MeSH)
Definition (MSH) Posterior portion of the CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES responsible for processing visual sensory information. It is located posterior to the parieto-occipital sulcus and extends to the preoccipital notch.
Concepts Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component (T023)
MSH D009778
SnomedCT 31065004
English Occipital Lobes, Lobe, Occipital, Lobes, Occipital, Occipital Lobe, Occipital lobe, Tiss of occipital lobe brain, Tissue of occipital lobe of brain, Regio occipitalis, Occipital region, Occipital cortex, occipital lobes, lobe occipital, occipital lobe, OL, occipital region, occipital cortex, Lobus occipitalis, Occipital lobes, OCCIPITAL LOBE, Occipital Region, Region, Occipital, Occipital Regions, Regions, Occipital, Occipital lobe structure (body structure), Occipital lobe structure, Occipital lobe, NOS, lobus occipitalis
Swedish Nacklob
Czech okcipitální lalok
Finnish Takaraivolohko
Croatian Not Translated[Occipital Lobe]
Polish Płat potyliczny
Norwegian Occipitallapp, Bakhodelapp, Lobus occipitalis
Spanish estructura del lóbulo occipital (estructura corporal), estructura del lóbulo occipital, lóbulo occipital, Lóbulo Occipital
French Lobe occipital
German Okzipitallappen
Italian Lobo occipitale
Dutch Achterhoofdskwab, Achterkwab, Lobus occipitalis (cerebri), Occipitaalkwab
Portuguese Lobo Occipital