II. Exam: Levels

  1. Alert
  2. Clouded
  3. Somnolent
  4. Lethargy: Drowsiness
  5. Stupor: Responsive only to vigorous stimulation
  6. Coma: Unarousable to verbal or physical stimuli

III. Exam: Other states of unresponsiveness (may appear to be awake)

  1. Abulic state: Akinetic mutism
  2. Locked in syndrome
  3. Psychogenic unresponsiveness

V. Evaluation: Scales

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Ontology: Consciousness, Level Altered (C0751054)

Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D003244
Spanish Estado de Conciencia Alterado
French État de conscience altéré, Altération de la conscience, Niveau de conscience altéré
German Bewußtseinsveränderung
Italian Livello alterato di coscienza
English Altered Level of Consciousness, Consciousness, Level Altered
Portuguese Nível de Consciência Alterado
Norwegian Endret bevissthet
Czech vědomí - změněná úroveň, změnený stav vědomí, vědomí - změněný stav, změněná úroveň vědomí
Dutch Bewustzijn, veranderd