II. Normal Gag Reflex

  1. Response to posterior pharynx tactile stimulation
  2. Signal transmitted to reflex center in Medulla
  3. Results in gag
    1. Pharyngeal wall contraction
    2. Velar Contraction

III. Conditions with abnormal Gag Reflex

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Ontology: Gagging (C0016927)

Definition (MSH) Contraction of the muscle of the PHARYNX caused by stimulation of sensory receptors on the SOFT PALATE, by psychic stimuli, or systemically by drugs.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D005683
SnomedCT 33485004, 249488009
English Reflex, Pharyngeal, GAGGING, Gag reflex, gagging (symptom), gagging, Gagging [Disease/Finding], reflex gag, gagging reflex, pharyngeal reflex, gag reflex, Pharyngeal Reflex, Pharyngeal gag reflex, Gagging (finding), Pharyngeal gag reflex (observable entity), Pharyngeal reflex, Gagging
Dutch kokhalzen, Kokhalzen, Reflex, farynx
French Haut-le-coeur, ETAT NAUSEEUX, Réflexe nauséeux, Réflexe pharyngé
German Wuergen, UEBELKEIT WUERGEND, Reflex, pharyngealer, Würgreflex
Italian Spasmo faringeo, Riflesso faringeo
Portuguese Vómitos abortados, ESTADO NAUSEOSO, Engasgo, Reflexo Faríngeo
Japanese 空嘔吐, カラオウト, 吐反射, 咽頭反射, 絞やく反応, 催吐反射, 反射-咽頭, 絞扼反射
Swedish Kväljning
Czech dávení, Pocit nutkání na zvracení
Spanish Atragantamiento, Arcadas, Atoramiento, amordazar (hallazgo), amordazar, reflejo faríngeo, reflejo faucal, reflejo nauseoso (entidad observable), reflejo nauseoso, ARCADAS, Reflejo Faríngeo
Finnish Yökkääminen
Polish Dławienie się
Hungarian Ruminatio
Norwegian Brekninger, Brekningsrefleks