II. Anatomy: Brodmann Areas of Frontal Lobe

  1. Primary Motor Area (Area 4)
    1. Lesions to this area (e.g. CVA) result in Flaccid Paralysis followed by partial recovery.
    2. Babinski Reflex may be present. Often affected in concert with the lesions to the Supplemental Motor Area (Area 6)
  2. Supplemental Motor Area (Area 6)
    1. Lesions often affect Area 4 and Area 6 together, and result in spasticity and hyperreflexia
  3. Frontal Eye Fields (Area 8)
    1. Lesions affect voluntary Extraocular Movements.
  4. Broca's Speech Area (Area 44, 45)
    1. Dominant hemisphere lesions to Broca's Speech Area results in motor Aphasia (Broca Aphasia, Expressive Aphasia)
    2. Patients with motor Aphasia know what they want to say, but their speech is slow and simplified
  5. Orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus (Pars Orbitalis, Area 47)
    1. Involved in the processing of syntax in oral and sign languages, musical syntax, and semantic aspects of language

III. History: Findings of pathology (e.g. Tumor)

  1. Personality change
  2. Expressive Aphasia

IV. Exam: Normal findings

  1. Points finger each time examiner makes fist
  2. Makes fist when examiner points

V. Signs: Brain Lesions

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Ontology: frontal lobe (C0016733)

Definition (FMA) Frontal lobe is the anterior-most of five lobes of the cerebral hemisphere. It is bounded by the central sulcus on its posterior border and by the longitudinal cerebral fissure on its medial border.
Definition (NCI) The part of the brain located anterior to the parietal lobes at the front of each cerebral hemisphere.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The part of the brain located anterior to the parietal lobes at the front of each cerebral hemisphere. (NCI)
Definition (MSH) The part of the cerebral hemisphere anterior to the central sulcus, and anterior and superior to the lateral sulcus.
Concepts Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component (T023)
MSH D005625
SnomedCT 83251001
English Frontal Lobes, Frontal Lobe, Lobe, Frontal, Lobes, Frontal, Tissue of frontal lobe brain, Tissue of frontal lobe of brain, frontal lobe, Regio frontalis, Frontal cortex, Frontal region, frontal lobe (brain), frontal regions, frontal lobes, frontal brain lobe, frontal lobe brain, brain frontal lobe, FL, frontal cortex, Lobus frontalis, Lobi frontales, Frontal lobes, FRONTAL LOBE, Frontali, Lobus, Frontal Cortices, Frontalis, Lobus, Frontal Cortex, Lobus Frontali, Cortex, Frontal, Lobus Frontalis, Cortices, Frontal, Frontal lobe, Frontal lobe structure (body structure), Frontal lobe structure, Frontal lobe, NOS, lobus frontalis
Swedish Frontallob
Czech čelní lalok, frontální lalok
Finnish Otsalohko
Polish Płat czołowy
Norwegian Lobus frontalis, Frontallapp, Pannelapp
Spanish estructura del lóbulo frontal (estructura corporal), estructura del lóbulo frontal, lóbulo frontal, Lóbulo Frontal
French Lobe frontal
German Frontallappen, Lobus frontalis
Italian Lobo frontale
Dutch Frontaalkwab, Lobus frontalis cerebri, Voorhoofdskwab
Portuguese Lobo Frontal