II. Definitions

  1. Loose Associations (Tangential Speech)
    1. Speech moves quickly through multiple topics (seemingly unrelated, although connected in the patient's view)
  2. Schizophasia (Word Salad)
    1. Confused and repetitive speech
    2. Use of unrelated words or words without meaning
  3. Circumstantial Speech
    1. Lengthy story of loosely related or unrelated details
  4. Flight of ideas
    1. Rapidly moving from one idea to another related idea
  5. Perseveration
    1. Frequently repeated thought or phrase
  6. Blocking Speech
    1. Interrupted speech or train of thought, only to be resumed minutes later

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Related Studies

Ontology: Word salad (C0233648)

Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
SnomedCT 40907002
Dutch woordsalade
French Paraphasies verbales
German Wortsalat
Italian Schizofasia
Portuguese Salada de palavras
Spanish Ensalada de palabras, sopa de palabras (hallazgo), sopa de palabras
Japanese 言葉のサラダ, コトバノサラダ
Czech Slovní salát
Hungarian Szósaláta
English Word salad, Word salad (finding), Schizophasia

Ontology: Tangential thinking (C0558067)

Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
SnomedCT 74396008
English Tangentiality, tangentiality, tangentiality (physical finding), tangential thinking, Tangential thinking, Tangential thinking (finding)
Italian Tangenzialità
Japanese 脱線思考, ダッセンシコウ
Czech Tangenciální myšlení
Hungarian Tangenciális gondolkodás
Spanish pensamiento tangencial (hallazgo), pensamiento tangencial, tangencialidad (hallazgo), tangencialidad, Tangencialidad
Portuguese Tangencialidade
Dutch oppervlakkigheid
French Superficialité
German Vorbeireden