II. Indications

  1. Brainstem function testing in coma

III. Mechanism

  1. Afferent limb: Touch stimulates the V1 branch of the Trigeminal Nerve (Cranial Nerve 5)
  2. Reflex center: Pons in the Brainstem
  3. Efferent limb: Temporal and zygomatic arches of the Facial Nerve (Cranial Nerve 7) close the Eyelids

IV. Technique

  1. Touch Cornea, lid or Conjunctiva with cotton whisp
  2. Alternative: Instill 5-10 cc Normal Saline by syringe over the surface of the Cornea

V. Interpretation: Expected response (normal)

  1. Results in a rapid, Blink Reflex in the exposed eye as well as the other eye (consensual response)
  2. Diminished reflex in those who use Contact Lenses
  3. Intact reflex suggests intact Brainstem function

VII. References

  1. Degowin (1987) Diagnostic Examination, 5th ed, MacMillan Publishing Company, p. 810

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Ontology: Corneal Reflexes (C0520451)

Concepts Organ or Tissue Function (T042)
MSH D001767
SnomedCT 112219002
English Reflex, Corneal, corneal reflex, corneal reflexes, Corneal reflex, CR - Corneal reflex, Corneal reflex (observable entity), Corneal Reflexes
French Réflexes cornéens, Réflexe cornéen
German Reflex, Korneal-
Czech rohovkový reflex, korneální reflex
Italian Riflessi corneali
Norwegian Refleks, hornhinne, Hornhinnerefleks, Refleks, korneal, Korneal refleks
Spanish reflejo corneal (entidad observable), reflejo corneal, Reflejo Corneal
Portuguese Reflexo Corneano

Ontology: Blink Reflexes (C0596003)

Concepts Organ or Tissue Function (T042)
MSH D001767
SnomedCT 82408006, 363829005
English Reflex, Blink, Reflexes, Blink, Optical blink reflex, blinking reflex, blink reflex, Blink reflex, Blink reflex (observable entity), Blink reflex finding (finding), Blink reflex finding, Blink Reflex, Eyeblink Reflex, Blink Reflexes
French Réflexe de clignement, Réflexe opticopalpébral, Réflexe de clignotement à la menace, Réflexe de clignement à la menace
German Reflex, Blinzel-
Czech mrkací reflex, reflexní mrkání
Italian Riflessi di ammiccamento
Norwegian Blunkereflekser, Refleks, blunking
Spanish reflejo de parpadeo (entidad observable), reflejo de parpadeo, reflejo óptico de parpadeo (hallazgo), reflejo óptico de parpadeo, Reflejo de Parpadeo
Portuguese Reflexo de Piscar