Compulsive Overeating


Compulsive Overeating, Overeating

  • Criteria
  1. Compulsive behavior around food, eating, and body image
  2. Interferes with daily functioning
  • Symptoms
  1. Eat for relief, comfort, nurturing
    1. Stress
    2. Boredom
    3. Fear
    4. Loneliness
  2. Plan the Next meal while eating this one
  3. Eat more than you want, or out of control with food
    1. Binge Eating
      1. Excessive intake per 2 hour period
    2. Grazing
      1. Large food intake throughout day, no planned meals
    3. Guilt and fear about not being able to stop eating
    4. Eat until feeling uncomfortably full
  4. Surreptitious eating
    1. Eating alone because of shame about excessive eating
  5. Sense of being fat or obese, or fear of becoming so
  6. Sought help or attempted methods to control weight
    1. Strict dieting or Fasting
    2. Self-induced Vomiting
    3. Laxatives or Diuretics
    4. Diet pills
    5. Vigorous Exercise
  7. Frequent weight fluctuations exceeding 10 pounds
  • Resources
  1. Overeaters anonymous