Supinator Reflex


Supinator Reflex, Supinator Sign, Inverted Brachioradialis Reflex

  • Technique
  1. Perform Brachioradialis Reflex
    1. Strike reflex hammer at distal radius overlying radial styloid process region
    2. Observe for flexion at elbow (normal) and fingers (abnormal)
  • Findings
  1. Normal
    1. Normal Brachioradialis Reflex results in brachioradialis contraction and elbow flexion
  2. Abnormal
    1. No brachioradialis contraction or elbow flexion
    2. Wrist and finger flexion only
  • Causes
  1. Typically due to C5-C6 spinal cord lesion
  2. Associated with an absent Biceps Reflex and hyperreflexia at the triceps