Parietal Lobe


Parietal Lobe, Parietal Lobe Function, Cerebral Parietal Lobe, Homunculus

  • Physiology
  • Homunculus
  1. Homunculus is a graphical representation of sensory and motor control
  2. Man standing at the midline between the two Cerebral Hemispheres
    1. Legs are above the falx cerebri at the medial Parietal Lobe (Anterior Cerebral Artery)
    2. Legs are relatively small compared to arms and head
      1. Represents fewer overall Neurons dedicated to leg motor and sensory control
  3. Man is bending at the waist over the top of the Parietal Lobe
    1. Legs and head extend over the lateral Parietal Lobe (Middle Cerebral Artery)
    2. Arms and head are relatively large
      1. Represents greater overall Neurons dedicated to arm/head motor and sensory control
  1. Receptive Aphasia
  2. Sensory loss
  3. Spatial Disorientation
  4. Hemianopia
  • Exam
  1. Cognitive Dominant
    1. Names fingers
    2. Knows left and right
    3. Performs calculations on paper
    4. Reading
  2. Cognitive Non-Dominant
    1. Constructs copy of matchstick figure made by examiner