Travel Preparation


Travel Preparation, Pretravel Consultation, Travel Medicine, Traveler's Health

  • Precautions
  1. Review specific risks and preparation (e.g. Immunizations) at least 6 weeks before travel
    1. See International Medical Concerns
    2. See Travel Immunization
    3. See Waterborne Illness Prevention
    4. See Foodborne Illness Prevention
    5. See Prevention of Vector-borne Infection
    6. See Malaria Prophylaxis
  2. Avoid excessive risks associated with death
    1. Motor Vehicle Accidents (account for >18% of all deaths in travelers)
      1. Use Seat Belts and Car Seats
      2. Wear Bicycle helmets
      3. Avoid night driving
      4. Avoid riding in open back of pick-up truck (or open bus top)
      5. Avoid motorcycles and mopeds
    2. Drowning
    3. Violence
  3. Avoid other risks
    1. Tattoos or piercing (risk of HIV, Hepatitis C)
    2. Avoid filling medications in low-income nations (risk of adulterated medications)
  4. Protect yourself
    1. See Sun Exposure
    2. See High Altitude Sickness
    3. See DVT Prevention in Travelers
    4. Practice safe sex (Condoms and Contraception)
    5. Consider travel insurance with emergency medical evacuation coverage
      1. Especially for high risk activities (e.g. mountain climbing)
  5. Comorbid Conditions
    1. See Air Travel Restriction
    2. Carry prescribed medications in their original containers when possible
      1. Bring enough medication supply to cover for extra emergency days of travel
    3. Carry documentation of medical history
      1. Active medical conditions
      2. Medication allergies
  • Risk factors
  • Travel related illness
  1. Backpacking trek or adventure travel
  2. Age over 65 years
  3. Immunocompromised state
  4. U.S. Immigrant returning to country of origin
  5. Long-term travel
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Uncontrolled comorbidity
    1. Congestive Heart Failure
    2. Hypertension
    3. Seizure Disorder
    4. Diabetes Mellitus
    5. Mental illness
    6. Coronary Artery Disease (Recent Myocardial Infarction or CABG)
      1. See Contraindications to Air Travel
  • Contraindications
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Management
  • Emergency care while traveling