Immunoglobulin, Antibody, Fragment Antigen Binding, Fragment Crystallizable, Ligand

  • Definitions
  1. Fragment Antigen Binding (Fab)
    1. Antibody region that recognizes and binds antigens
  2. Fragment Crystallizable (Fc)
    1. Antibody region that interacts with immune system components
    2. Endogenous Fc triggers Natural Killer Cells and complement cascade
    3. Synthetic monoclonal antibodies may bind Fc to toxins or radioisotopes in Chemotherapy
  3. Ligand
    1. Molecule that binds to a specific receptor
  • Physiology
  • Immunoglobulin
  1. Structure: Immunoglobulin is composed of a 4 chain monomeric structure
    1. Two heavy chains (identical)
      1. Five heavy chain classes: M, D, E, A, and G1-4
    2. Two light chains (identical)
      1. Two light chain classes: kappa and lambda
  • References
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