Intrinsic Clotting Pathway


Intrinsic Clotting Pathway, Intrinsic Clotting Cascade

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  1. Overview
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  • Physiology
  • Intrinsic Clotting Pathway
  1. Triggers
    1. Initiated by Negatively charged surface of foreign material or from damaged Red Blood Cells
  2. Pathway is relatively slow (minutes to form blood clot)
    1. Factor XII to Factor XI to Factor IX and Factor VIII which trigger conversion of Factor X to Xa
    2. Factor Xa then proceeds into the common pathway, generating Thrombin and then Fibrin
  3. Factor XII converted to Factor XIIa
    1. Cofactors
      1. PK
      2. HMWK
    2. Inhibitors
      1. Heparin
      2. Antithrombin III
  4. Factor XI converted to Factor XIa
  5. Factor IX converted to Factor IXa
    1. Cofactors:
      1. Factor VIII
      2. von Willebrand's factor (vWF) carries Factor VIII
    2. Inhibitors
      1. Protein C
      2. Protein S
  6. Factor X converted to Factor Xa
  7. Factor Xa then proceeds into the Common Clotting Pathway, generating Thrombin and then Fibrin
  • Labs
  • Prolonged Times in Intrinsic Clotting Pathway Disorders