Musculoskeletal Trauma


Musculoskeletal Trauma, Orthopedic Trauma

  • Precautions
  1. See Trauma Evaluation for systematic musculoskeletal evaluation in Trauma
  2. This topic focuses on the general approach to be applied to each region in the Trauma Secondary Survey
    1. See Musculoskeletal Injury for a localized evaluation
  • Examination
  • Extremeties
  1. Approach: Every extremity injury
    1. Include examination of joint above and below the involved joint
    2. Include sensory, motor and vascular exam
    3. Include skin and compartment exam
    4. Mallon (2013) Shoulder Disorders, EM Bootcamp, Las Vegas
  2. Vascular exam
    1. Pulses
    2. Capillary Refill
  3. Neurologic Exam
    1. Motor Exam
    2. Sensory Exam
    3. Reflex Exam
  • Diagnostics
  1. Consider angiography if Fracture with vascular compromise
  2. Consider Compartment Pressures
  • Associated Conditions
  1. Compartment Syndrome
  2. Digital Fracture
  3. Fracture with vascular compromise
    1. Posterior Knee Dislocation
    2. Supracondylar Femoral Fracture
    3. Suprecondylar Humeral Fracture