Fitzpatrick Skin Type


Fitzpatrick Skin Type, Skin Phenotype

  • Types
  1. Skin Phenotype 1
    1. White skin (very fair) with red or blond hair, blue eyes, and Freckles
    2. Always burns and never tans
  2. Skin Phenotype 2
    1. White skin (fair) with red or blond hair; blue, hazel or green eyes
    2. Usually burns, but sometimes tans with difficulty
  3. Skin Phenotype 3
    1. Creamy white skin, with any eye or hair color
    2. Sometimes mildly burns, but gradually tans
  4. Skin Phenotype 4
    1. Brown skin (mediterranean or caucasian)
    2. Rarely burns and always tans
  5. Skin Phenotype 5
    1. Dark brown skin or Mid-Eastern skin (moderately pigmented skin)
    2. Very rarely burns, and tans very easily
  6. Skin Phenotype 6
    1. Black to darkly pigmented skin
    2. Never burns, and tans very easily
  • References
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