Tooth Extraction


Tooth Extraction, Tooth Removal, Exodontia

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  1. Immediate Periosteitis
    1. Initial post-Tooth Extraction pain due to socket inflammation
    2. Occurs in the first day after extraction and improves with NSAIDs
  2. Dry Socket (Alveolar Periostitis)
    1. Occurs in 5-20% of Tooth Extractions when blood clot is lost prematurely at the extraction site
    2. Onset 3-4 days after Tooth Extraction (delayed beyond typical post-extraction pain)
    3. Associated with halitosis and severe pain, not relieved with Acetaminophen and NSAIDS
    4. See Dry Socket for management
  3. Prolonged bleeding
    1. Apply direct pressure to area by biting on gauze or tea bag (Tranexamic Acid)
    2. Surgical collagen foam may be used in refractory cases
      1. Insert foam in socket and Suture the socket closed over the top
  • References
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